Bank explorer Mastercard®

The multi currency card to get more for your money when you travel

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Add an explorer Mastercard® to your Moneycorp Bank account and make the most of our great rates when you spend in millions of shops, restaurants and online across the world.


What are the benefits of a multi-currency card?

Available to UK customers, the explorer Mastercard® is designed to work seamlessly with your Moneycorp account. Your currency card allows you to lock in the exchange rate in advance by loading up to 10 different currencies onto it before you travel.

With your Bank explorer Mastercard®, you can withdraw cash and spend money on your card in local currencies without any fees from Moneycorp. This makes it quick, easy and cost-effective to spend on your travels. 

Lock in our best exchange rates on your explorer Mastercard® before you travel and manage your funds around the clock from your online account. 


How does my multi-currency card work?

Simply select which of the currencies you need, then transfer money from your Moneycorp Bank account onto your explorer Mastercard®. You’ll then be able to withdraw cash or make payments in local currencies, with no fees from us.

In addition, you can view your balance, top up your account and move money from one currency to another instantly via your online account or the app.


How to sign up for a multi-currency card

Adding a Bank explorer Mastercard® to your Moneycorp Bank account is easy. This can be done from your online account, where you will also be able to manage the balance of your foreign currency card. 

Alternatively, you can request an explorer Mastercard® over the phone via one of our dedicated currency specialists.


Get your free explorer card

Read our FAQ's on our free explorer card, available to customers with a Moneycorp bank account 

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